Our Sonata

Digital Orks is a digital marketing agency that sets itself apart from your everyday, run of the mill marketing agencies. We do this by making sweet, sweet music with your online presence. You see, Digital Orks is a portmanteau (which is just a fancy word to describe two words that came together) of digital and orchestra. We want to help your company grow digitally, by orchestrating a digital marketing strategy in such a way that it generates leads and ultimately turns into revenue.


At Digital Orks we aim to increase the tempo of your business’ growth by fine tuning the aspects of your online presence to form a perfect duet, you and us working together in harmony. We look at all aspects of your business’ digital marketing in order to find the sweet spot. The spot at which the pitch between search engine- and conversion rate optimisation is just perfect and the medley of online advertising platforms such as social media and pay per click hits all the right notes. Finally, we also aim to help you manage your web analytics to see which tunes and tones work the best for your company. We don’t do this solo; we team up with you. After all, an orchestra and conductor cannot do anything if there isn’t a composition to perform. You are the composer and we want your company to perform just as you desired.

In order for an orchestra to be a symphony orchestra and play beautiful, classical music, all the instruments need to be in tip top shape and in tune. In just the same way, for your business to thrive, grow and continue to grow, your presence online and all the different aspects of your digital marketing needs to be optimised. Polished up and tuned so that all of it comes together in a crescendo that boosts your company’s online image.



Our ultimate mission and drive, is to compose and conduct ground breaking digital marketing strategies in order to break through your limitations as a company and boost your potential, minimize your risk of failing and in the end increase your turnover


Just like an orchestra needs a conductor, a maestro, so does your digital marketing. Here at Digital Orks we have Ayman Albarbary. Ayman and his team are perfectly suited to help you and your company strike the right chord with your target market and ultimately increase your company’s profitability. In plain words, we help your online digital performance and in doing so, your company makes more money.

Apart from being the managing director of Digital Orks, Ayman works on a contractual basis at the Chartered Institute of Marketing as a trainer and at PwC Academy as an adjunct trainer. He also trains digital marketing at the University of Dubai and the International School of Communications, to name a few. Basically, if you wanted a better conductor for your online orchestra, you would be hard pressed to find someone more passionate and able than Ayman. He has found the perfect melody for digital marketing and it is his passion to implement that melody into your online presence.

Ayman Albarbary from Digital Orks


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