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Help your business grow in new markets & Connect with a wider multilingual audience

Translation is one of the most powerful tools in the globalized economy today with more customers around the globe now speaking other languages. It can make the brand and give it a new soul, or break it with an overseas failure. As a result, companies should consider investing in translation services to ensure their products are accessible to international markets.

Our professional translation services ensure your company’s messages reach its intended audience by adapting your target culture’s tone, style, and vocabulary without distorting its source.

The challenge is not only reaching out to those customers but helping them understand your brand, which means creating more opportunities for your business.

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A Translation & Localization Agency in Dubai Where Every Word Matters

Our translators have developed the skills to master translation and localization. They help businesses expand to foreign markets by transforming written and spoken language from one culture into another while adapting any translated material to their target audience.

With an in-house team of translators, we set strict quality standards for our work for high-quality translations. 

We adapt to the target cultural environment when providing you with legal translations, marketing translation, website translation and localization, technical translations, multilingual ad copies, or any English/Arabic translation services you might need.


Reach New Markets

Open up new horizons and reach a broader range of potential customers by translating and localizing your content so that it is understood across cultures.

Outstand Competition

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by understanding your target audience and offering culturally relevant content that addresses their mindset.

Multilingual SEO

Boost your position on search engines & organic traffic in English and Arabic so that international customers can discover and engage with your brand.

World-Class Experience

People feel understood and engage more when localizing translated content to their culture as they feel respected when addressed in their tongue.

Let Your Customers Feel At Home In Their Language

Digital Orks is your resource for a wide range of language translation services with native translators and active translation services. We can assess your needs and help you select the right linguistic solution for your business.


Expert Translators

Break down language barriers and let your messages adapt to the beliefs, customs, accents, and values of your target country.

Brand Reengineering

Use “transcreation” to redesign your brand with more engaging concepts that resonate with customers on an emotional level.


Tailored Service

Our professional translators are native and qualified with subject matter expertise for all types of translation & localization in any niche.

You Have Our Word

We adhere to your deadlines and offer efficient, rapid performance with an overall professional approach and adaptability.

The Power of Words in Market Expansion

Localization and translation are important to all businesses, whether they operate domestically or internationally. If you want to be competitive globally, you need to think about how your product will be understood by different cultural groups. That means investing in localizing your brand to target these markets.

One of the most successful examples is the Adidas campaign “ImPossible” which was trans-created into an empowering Arabic equivalent.

Yet, a small mistake can turn the world upside down. The slogan of KFC “Finger linkin’ good.” in English is a sweet promise of a tasty meal. But when it was translated to the Chinese market, it turned into the threatening sentence “eat your finger”. Scary right?

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We got a blend of digital marketing mix that work together to reach the objectives of your organization. 

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Testimonials From People Just Like You 

We asked some of our clients to write a few words about their experience with us & here what they said


Nikon Middle East

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Digital Orks for over a year now. Ayman is knowledgeable, creative, proactive, responsive and above all, truly passionate about what he does and that energy shines right through all this efforts and is probably what makes working with him so much fun. He’s helped us plan, launch and execute some of our most successful digital campaigns and we’ve seen a sizable growth in lead generation and revenue gain from his efforts



Ayman’s in-depth knowledge in E-commerce, and over-all breadth of understanding in digital marketing really ignited e-commerce space for me, and really fired my interest in this area of marketing. Ayman made it engaging and provided current, real examples and clear guidelines and advice to grow my business in this space, good reference material and practical tools to take away


Veolia Middle East

In a fast-moving digital world, I need all the marketing help I can get, and Digital Orks take care of everything for me. Ayman provides very useful insights that have helped me increase my business’ reach. I highly recommend their services. Ayman and his team have really made life so much easier for me and I can’t thank them enough!

Alia Adi


I had the honour of collaborating with Ayman for 6 years on growing my video cooking platform, Basmaty. I have rarely met anyone who is as detail-oriented and committed to serving his clients not only to the best of his abilities but also with the highest ethical standards. Ayman has managed to increase the traffic on my platform significantly and his contribution has been extremely valuable to my business.

Frequently asked questions about Translation

We know that translation and interpretation can be confusing, so we wanted to answer some questions we come across most often to help clear things up

Why should I work with your translation agency in Dubai?

We are not only the best translation company in Dubai, but we’re your partner in multilingual services.

Digital Orks believes that translation is much more than moving a text from one language to another, so we provide quality translation services by experienced translators.


We keep pace with your needs, no matter the volume.


We offer high-quality, cost-effective translation services.


Our translations are scalable, on-demand, high-quality, and done by the consistent work of certified translators.

What type of translation can your agency translate?

Our professional translators offer different interpretation solutions to enable culturally effective nuanced communication with your diverse audience and international clients, such as:

  • Ecommerce
  • Travel, Leisure & Hospitality
  • Media, Publishing & Entertainment
  • Mobile & Video Games
  • Marketing, SEO & Advertising
  • Software & Technical Translations
  • Business & Finance
  • Legal Documents
  • Official Documents
  • Medical Translation

And much more! (We provide English & Arabic translation services).

Should I translate my website?

Translating and interpreting your website has massive benefits for your business and brand image, as it:

  • Enhances your international SEO
  • Increases the time spent on your website
  • Builds a stronger brand and trust worldwide

What is localization?

Localization is more complex than translation; it involves cultural adaptation and requires in-depth knowledge of the local culture.

It’s modifying a piece of content by one of our native speakers to suit your different audiences in different countries, cultures, or regions.

How do you guarantee authentic and accurate translation?

Authenticity and accuracy are our top priorities as a translation service provider.

Our dedicated teams of language experts, legal translators, and interpreters use best practices to detect translation inconsistencies, mistranslations, typos, and numerical mismatches. 

Rest assured that you’ll get the highest linguistic quality service.

Do you offer legal translation at your translation company in Dubai?

Yes, we provide legal translation services that you can rely on. We know that legal translation requires much more than basic terminology.

We work with a team that has a wide range of skills and knowledge; we have Arabic translators and English translators to provide you with a premium service.