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How would you describe your company? What does your brand stand for? If you had to sum up your company in three words, what would they be?

Website design is incredibly important in various industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, finance, real estate, and more.

No matter the industry, companies want their brand to reflect their values, vision, mission, and personality. They also want their websites to look great, function well, and advance business goals.

At Digital Orks, We believe every brand has a unique identity, so how you present your brand should match your target audience.

Your website is the face of your brand. It should communicate who you are and what you offer.

Our web design agency will elevate your brand image to the next level by creating a thoughtful combination of immersive storytelling and a friendly user experience. 

Let us design the responsive website your customers will call home.

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Define Your Digital Strategy With Our Web Design Services in Dubai

If you are looking for web design services in Dubai, you have come to the right place. 

We offer a wide range of intuitive and strategic web design solutions, from websites and company intranet portals to landing pages and any webpage.

We’ll create a design that’ll define your company’s digital presence


Senior Designers

We employ senior designers with extensive experience in various industries

Ambitious KPIs

We set clear goals and focus on metrics that allow us to create innovative designs

Global Perspective

We use international research and perspectives to broaden the appeal of our designs

Ongoing Optimization

We create long-term roadmaps that allow us to optimize users’ digital experience

Enrich Your Brand Image With a Leading Website Design Company

Collaborating with a website design company is the first step you can take toward building a successful online presence. 

There are many things involved in designing a good-looking website. Our professional web designers have the competitive knowledge and creativity to bring your vision to life.

Defining your digital strategy, operationalizing your digital products, and transforming your company image is a collaborative journey we’ll face together.


Dedicated Staff

A dedicated design team will manage the project until completion

Feedback Based

Early prototyping enables us to integrate user feedback


Constant Testing

User research and testing take place throughout the process

Result Oriented

Tangible results supersede impractical one-off presentations

We Are the Web Designing Agency That Will Paint Your Picture of Success

Whether you are looking for custom web design or responsive website development, our team has the expertise to meet your project’s needs. 


We aim to enrich your brand image by thoughtfully integrating immersive storytelling and user-friendly design into our design process.

However, we understand that sometimes clients have certain expectations about how their sites should appear. 

To this end, we use various web design tools like Trello, Figma, and Cloudways to help us paint your picture of success.

Trello is a platform that simplifies teamwork and increases collaboration efficiency. 

This tool makes it so that tasks, assignments, and projects are transparent.

Team members can see what each person is working on and which tasks are pending, significantly reducing work overlap and boosting productivity.

Our designers use Figma to demonstrate designs over the web. 

This tool makes collaboration easier by allowing clients to give designers real-time feedback. 

Figma also enables exchanging mockups and updates easily without needing any third-party apps.

Cloudways allows our designers to test changes and publish their work in an isolated staging area.

This tool lets designers change the website and test it without breaking anything on the live version.

Cloudways includes two features, Cloudways Teams and Cloudways Hosting, which make collaboration between designers and developers a breeze.

Other Digital Marketing Services We Offer in UAE

We got a blend of digital marketing mix that work together to reach the objectives of your organization. 

Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai


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Testimonials From People Just Like You 

We asked some of our clients to write a few words about their experience with us & here what they said


Nikon Middle East

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Digital Orks for over a year now. Ayman is knowledgeable, creative, proactive, responsive and above all, truly passionate about what he does and that energy shines right through all this efforts and is probably what makes working with him so much fun. He’s helped us plan, launch and execute some of our most successful digital campaigns and we’ve seen a sizable growth in lead generation and revenue gain from his efforts



Ayman’s in-depth knowledge in E-commerce, and over-all breadth of understanding in digital marketing really ignited e-commerce space for me, and really fired my interest in this area of marketing. Ayman made it engaging and provided current, real examples and clear guidelines and advice to grow my business in this space, good reference material and practical tools to take away


Veolia Middle East

In a fast-moving digital world, I need all the marketing help I can get, and Digital Orks take care of everything for me. Ayman provides very useful insights that have helped me increase my business’ reach. I highly recommend their services. Ayman and his team have really made life so much easier for me and I can’t thank them enough!

Alia Adi


I had the honour of collaborating with Ayman for 6 years on growing my video cooking platform, Basmaty. I have rarely met anyone who is as detail-oriented and committed to serving his clients not only to the best of his abilities but also with the highest ethical standards. Ayman has managed to increase the traffic on my platform significantly and his contribution has been extremely valuable to my business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Designing Companies

As a leading web design company, we are faced with various questions related to web design. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions about our web designing services below.

What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Graphic Design?

Web design refers to the design process of developing a website’s look and feel. 

It includes everything from choosing colors and fonts to designing navigation menus and graphics. 

A graphic designer focuses more on the visual aspects of a site, including layout, typography, and color schemes.

The two fields overlap quite a bit, but they’re not identical. 

For example, a web developer might be responsible for writing code that makes a page load faster, while a graphic designer may work with developers to ensure that the site looks professional and meets accessibility guidelines.

What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Website Development?

A website designer creates websites by developing an overall look and feel, including the design, layout, branding and navigation of a website. 

A website developer builds a website using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and other associated technologies to function properly when viewed by users.

Web designers and developers work closely to ensure that all aspects of a website function smoothly and look their best. 

Most web designers focus their attention on the visual appearance of the site. In contrast, web developers tend to be more involved in the technical side of search engine optimization (SEO), content management systems (CMS) and database administration.

Some designers may also know HTML or PHP.

What Is UI/UX?

User Experience (UX) is the science of making things easy for users. 

User Interface (UI) is the art of designing user-friendly interfaces.

The term “user experience” was coined by Jakob Nielsen in 1996. He defined it as “the sum total of all interactions between an individual and a product – including physical, psychological, social, cultural, cognitive, affective, and sensory factors.”

A website’s UI design affects its usability and conversion rate. A poorly designed interface makes it difficult for visitors to navigate and use the site effectively.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

The term “responsive design” refers to websites that adjust their layout according to the size and resolution of the device used to view them. 

With responsive website design, a single website page will automatically adapt its layout to fit any screen size or mobile device. 

In addition to desktop devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., responsive sites work equally well on mobile devices such as Android phones and iPhones so that users can access your site from anywhere at any time.

What Should My First Website Look Like?

Your first website should be simple and easy to navigate. 

It should include an About Us page, a Contact Us page, and other pages where visitors can learn more about your business.

Your site must have a clear call-to-action (CTA) button so that people know exactly what they need to do next. 

For example, if you sell clothing, your CTA button might say “Buy Now.”

If you’re not sure what kind of website will work best for your business objectives, you can consult our marketing experts to see which types of websites perform well.

What Are the Best Web Design Tools?

The best web design tools are those that work well for your purposes.

To narrow down your choices, here are some features that will help you choose which program works best for you:

  • Ease of use – How intuitive is the interface? Is it easy to navigate? Does it include enough features to meet your needs?
  • User support – Can you contact someone when you need to? Do they answer questions quickly? How much training do they provide?
  • Functionality – Do they let you create professional websites? Do plug-ins (additional functions) exist? Can you add features yourself?
  • Compatibility – Will you need to learn another language to use this tool? What operating system does it run on? Do you have to download extra software to get it working?

Some useful web design tools include:

  • Figma
  • Mockplus
  • Canva
  • GIMP
  • Pixel Dropr