Invest in a YouTube Marketing Strategy to get better results for your business in Dubai

Youtube is not only the most popular social media channel but is also the second-largest search engine on the internet. In fact, it has more than 8 million users just in Dubai. Whether you’re looking to acquire customers, improve the likeliness of someone purchasing from you, or even looking to nurture your leads, Youtube Marketing is an essential part of your social media marketing and PPC marketing strategy for your Dubai customers.

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Why YouTube Marketing in Dubai is important to your business

The trend for video content has been skyrocketing since users nowadays don’t have the time to read tonnes of content but lucky for us what they do enjoy is watching videos. With smartphones and TVs, it is a source for entertainment for people across the borders. This just makes running YouTube ads more important than ever before. As a brand, you must make sure you are present where your audience is. YouTube Advertising in Dubai can not only help increase your revenue but also improve your brand image in the minds of your customers which ultimately.. gets them to do business with you!

Benefit from the power of YouTube Advertising in Dubai, UAE

YouTube Marketing means advertising on YouTube through video content. With YouTube advertising, businesses in Dubai become more relevant in the minds of your customers. Since YouTube provides a large audience pool and users who come from all walks of life, YouTube ads follow various formats. Video discovery ads, pre-roll ads and bumper ads can provide better results and more revenue. Here are a few ways to do it.


Specific Targeting

Attract customers most likely to convert using remarketing and retargeting activities and reach out to customers who have interacted with you before. Use this targeting to reach customers who are deeper in the sales funnel.

<p>Inspire Action</p>

Through timely targeting and a customized sales funnel, motivate viewers to engage with your business. Video marketing is a great strategy to inspire action.

Get More Business Exposure

Showcase the voice of your brand to engage viewers. Captivate viewers through video & acquire new customers when they come across your business.

Cost Effective

YouTube Ads are less expensive than traditional television ads. Through YouTube Advertising, it is easier to reach your target audience and this makes it an affordable method of advertising. You make the most of your budget by only paying when your ads are viewed.

Our YouTube Marketing Agency in Dubai can help you achieve your marketing goals

Our YouTube Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE can help your business target audiences, cultivate leads, and ultimately generate better results. This gives you what you really want – a better return on investment. So if you are trying to acquire customers or just be relevant in their minds, we can provide you a dedicated team along with the right insight on the best YouTube marketing techniques to get you the most favorable outcome for your business.


Maximise Video

With YouTube marketing, we make the most of your video marketing strategy. Advertising on YouTube through true view ads, pre-roll and bumper ads using your video content effectively by advertising at the right time, right platform and to the right people.

Optimize your Performance

Find out what works and what doesn’t to get you better results. Our YouTube Marketing Agency in Dubai adopts the advertising strategy that makes sense for you to maximise your business potential.


Integrated Approach

Our Agency combines traditional marketing with YouTube marketing to customize your buyer journey and improve the communication for better conversions.

Budget Transparency

You should know exactly how much you are spending on YouTube Ads. We give you access to your ad account, show you exactly how your ads are doing and how much is spent on the ad. We keep it real.

When & How YouTube Ads started changing the digital ecosystem

When the founders of YouTube registered the platform in early 2005. To keep themselves running, they had to secure funding from Sequoia Capital and in their first year already had 8 Million video views every day. Google acquired YouTube in 2006, a year after it was officially launched. At this point, 60% of all video views online took place on YouTube. By 2007, Google was looking into new models of advertising, and in-video ads were launched by August. By this time YouTube was running in 9 countries and had launched its mobile site. In the next year, they launched their insight analytics tool and two new ad formats – Pre-roll ads and promoted videos. By the end of 2009, YouTube had more than 1 Billion views per day, ads in seven formats also landed a partnership with media giant, Disney. Another year into it and their video views had doubled. They launched YouTube Rental and entered the video-on-demand industry in 2010. Fast forward to today, the social media advertising platform has more than 10,000 partners, 5 Billion videos watched daily and at least 30 Million active users every day. Today, YouTube itself is a social media giant and hosts ads in various formats. There is an ad format available suitable for every purpose. Ads on this platform have proven to drastically improve brand recall and almost 80% of marketers believe that social media video marketing is the most effective on YouTube.

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Frequently asked questions about YouTube Marketing in Dubai

We know the world of YouTube Advertising can be confusing, so we wanted to answer some questions we come across most often to help clear things up.

What does it cost to advertise on YouTube?

YouTube is a part of the Google Display Network and what you pay depends on how much you bid on the ad placement. How much you pay for a YouTube Ad could change based on the competition in your industry and also on the format of the ad used.

How do advertisements work on YouTube?

Being a part of the Google Ads network, ad placements are bidded for. How much you bid depends on the industry and budget spend available. There are many ad formats on YouTube, mainly skippable ads, non-skippable ads, and video discovery ads.

Why should you advertise on YouTube?

Apart from being the most popular social media channel, YouTube is also the second most used search platform after Google. As of 2020, YouTube has a 88% penetration in the UAE. With the rise of video marketing in B2C and also now in B2B, it becomes important for marketers to be actively involved with YouTube Ads.

Is YouTube advertising effective? Is it worth it?

With the right strategy and insight, YouTube marketing and advertisement can be very effective. Unlike TV commercials. YouTube Marketing allows you to target a specific audience, generate leads to nurture, and finally convert them into customers.

Why is YouTube full of ads now?

More and more advertisers are now making the most of YouTube Ads to attract their target audience. With the popularity of the social media channel, marketers are beginning to realise the untapped potential of the platform. Whether you are in the B2B industry or the B2C, there is a YouTube advertising strategy for your Dubai business.

How can I advertise on YouTube for free?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to advertise for free on YouTube. But you can promote your business organically by producing videos that your target audience is interested in.